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Young grizzly bear painting “Woodland Playtime”

Grizzly Bear Animal Art

Woodland Playtime – Animal Art

I always enjoy painting a grizzly bear, a magnificent animal living in North America. Did you know that grizzlies once roamed most of western North America extending to the Great Plains? Then humans arrived and gradually eliminated the bears from much of their range. Today only about 1,000 grizzlies remain in the Northwestern U.S., however, they are protected by law. Many grizzlies still inhabit the wilds of Canada and Alaska, but hunters continue to bag them for big game trophies.

Grizzly bears are very rare, and live in remote areas. In Denali National Park (Alaska) I was able to excitedly watch a very large grizzly dig out a ground squirrel from its underground den. It is surprising that the bear would put so much effort into hunting such a small animal. They are omnivorous, eating all sorts of berries, nuts, fruit, and roots, as well as any other animal they can find.

Creating his painting was challenging, since includes a water element, rocks, vegetation and a cute furry critter; a young grizzly bear playfully holding a stick in its mouth. He has an appealing expression on his face. I especially enjoy depicting the interesting fur pattern of the grizzly, the color of which can vary from dark brown to almost blonde.

To see a larger version of this painting and learn more Click Here

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