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Wolf on the Glacier

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016 in Animal Art

Animal Art Wolf Painting

Arctic Wolf on the Glacier

This painting of the wolf on the glacier is one of my favorites. In the background, I wanted to depict the beautiful Alpen glow in the sky, especially at dawn. This wolf may have been looking for breakfast, in this very remote area. But he would need the help of his pack, all working together to bring down a large moose or deer. Life in the mountains is tough. The wolf pack needs to be very close-knit and use their hard-earned hunting skills to survive.

Since wolves on the trail of their prey can be clearly seen from the air, they have become easy prey, to the cowardly, rich hunters who gun down the wolves from the air. This despicable crime is routinely practiced in Alaska, by lazy wealthy individuals, who have no concern for the plight of some of our most endangered wildlife.

Our wolves need to be listed on the endangered species list. We must do this before all the wolves are slaughtered by these immoral people.

To see a larger Image of this Wolf: Click Here

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