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Sep 20

Exotic Big Cat Owners Part 2

Posted on Sunday, September 20, 2009 in Animal Art

Ocelot baby

After my encounter with the cougar, I was a little nervous about meeting the Ocelot.  However, since the ocelot is a smaller exotic cat, I though, what could go wrong?  I figured the owner could keep him under control and we could get some great photos.


The owner brought the ocelot out on the grass on a chain leash.  Satan the ocelot began purring and we began to take photos.  This time, I decided not to pet the ocelot, having learned my lesson from my cougar encounter.


We were getting some great photos.  I was sitting next to the ocelot and enjoying seeing him so close.  Jim decided to change lenses on his camera.  He set his leather camera bag down on the grass next to the ocelot.  Satan the ocelot was very excited by the leather camera bag.  First the ocelot pulled the bag towards him by sinking his claws into the leather.  Then, he began to chew on the bag strap.  I figured I could slowly pull the bag away from the ocelot and the cat would get interested in something else.


He did get interested in something else.  Satan grabbed my hand in his mouth and held on to me, just barely sinking his teeth into my hand.  Once again, I held very still while the big cat owner made Satan open his mouth and release my hand, which now had ocelot tooth marks on it.  The owner again apologized saying that Satan was also lonely and did not want us to leave. 


We did get some really good photos of Satan the ocelot which have inspired me to create many ocelot paintings.  But I have learned my lesson and now do not hug big cats, even tame ones.  I have had other close encounters with big cats, which have taught me to be more cautious when petting these semi-wild animals.

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