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Nov 8

Elk on the trail

Posted on Sunday, November 8, 2009 in North American Animal Art

We enjoy hiking for most of the year.  This week, we were fortunate to get to hike at Apex park in Golden, CO.  We have hiked this trail many times and always enjoy it as it has so much variety.  There was a little snow on the trail but the temp was 50 degrees.


We had hiked about two miles on the trail when I looked to the side of the trail and saw a whole herd of elk complete with young elk, cows and two giant bull elk.  They were just hanging out and enjoying the fall sunshine.  They were about 50 feet away and just ignored us as we  enjoyed watching them quietly for a few minutes.


We continued on the trail and saw a few deer on the hillside.  A few eagles were catching the updrafts and we could see them almost at eye level as we hiked up the trail.  We have seen the endangered Aberts squirrel here on this trail amid the Ponderosa Pines.  It is a wonderful habitat for these interesting squirrels.


It was a great hike and we really enjoyed the experience , but it is probably one of our final hikes of the season.

Doe and 2 fawns at the Pond

Doe and 2 fawns at the Pond

Aug 27

My Latest Press Release

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 in ABC Articles

Jacquie Vaux, renowned wildlife artist, announces the completion of her latest project, entitled “North American Wilderness.” The project, on which she has been working for the past year and a half, is slated to debut within the next six months and has been commissioned by Vail-Promenade Gallery in Vail, Colo.

Jacquie Vaux, landscape and wildlife artist. “I believe“Wildlife paintings are my passion, and I’m especially proud of this latest project,” says people will be especially pleased to see the unusually large watercolor wildlife paintings, as they really bring you up close to the beauty that lies in wildlife.”

Doe and Her Two Fawns at the Pond

Doe and Her Two Fawns at the Pond

The project consists of 12 wildlife art paintings, including such titles as “A Doe and Two Fawns at the Pond,” which is a large canvas, 66”x66”, done in acrylics. Additionally, the collection presents very large watercolor wildlife paintings that were constructed on special panels. Some of the completed pieces in the project include:
• “Wood Ducks Leaving the Nest” which is 68”x30”
• “Raccoons in Summer Aspen” measuring 30”x105”
• “Chickadees Socializing,” “Robins in the Nest,” “Ground Squirrels Having Fun,” and “A Grey Squirrel in his Tree,” all of which are 20”x20”

Titles that are currently or soon will be created include such titles as “Bear Family at the Pond,” “Elk in the Meadow,” “Mute Swans in a Pond,” “Red Fox Family,” and “Marmots at Playtime.” The wildlife art paintings have been anticipated by Jacquie Vaux’s art fans nationwide, as her work is know for portraying photo-realistic portraits of big cats, African animal paintings, lion prints, and a variety of other popular wildlife art prints.

“Wildlife art fans will not be disappointed by my latest project,” adds Vaux. “My passion for animal paintings is evident in my work and, in turn, it helps to create a greater appreciation for wildlife art.”

About Jacquie Vaux:
Jacquie Vaux is a landscape and wildlife artist who is known for photo-realistic portraits, especially of African wildlife paintings. She has over 35 years of experience, and several of her paintings have been reproduced as Giclee prints. Her work has been represented by Devin Galleries, Coeur d’ Alene, ID, Fascination Street, Denver, CO., and Olympia Nature World in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, her work will soon be included on Her popular art prints include pet portraits, tiger prints, wolf eyes print, big cat prints, and a wide variety of African animal paintings. To learn more about Jacquie Vaux’s African wildlife art, visit the Web site