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Springtime in the Rockies

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2016 in Animal Art, Nature Art, North American Animal Art, Wildlife Art
Grizzly Bear Animal Art

Woodland Playtime – Animal Art

Almost all of us look forward to Springtime. Even the skiers and winter sports enthusiasts I know enjoy the warmer weather, longer days and generally more friendly weather. In the area where we live, very close to the Rocky Mountains, springtime can be extremely variable. And by variable, I mean every type of weather from sunny bright days in the 70’s to the most severe snowstorms you can imagine.

Do you know almost all of the severe blizzards in recorded history have occurred in the month of March? The weather experts have told us the severe snowstorms are a result of the warm moist air coming up from the southern US colliding with the cold arctic air coming down from Canada. When they meet–WHAM= big blizzard.

Curiously, the area in which we live (commonly called the Front Range) lies just East of the Rockies, which offer us some protection. In most cases the severe weather only touches us slightly, but dumps tons of snow in the plains to the east; in Kansas and Nebraska. To illustrate how geographic our snow can be; I struggled home one night on the I-25 freeway in a total whiteout, only to find 1/2 inch of snow on my driveway, only 6 miles west of that freeway.

The bottom line is : Springtime in the Rockies is usually a wonderfully welcome change from the winter, but some very ugly winter storms can be quite severe. If you want a guarantee of good weather , visit us after Memorial day.

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