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Dec 5

Nature Art|Animal Art|Wildlife Art-North American Animal ArtBaby Red Fox Kit-

I’ve just finished another very cute painting,
it’s a baby red fox,
and if I can say he’s sooooooooooooo cute!

You can see more of my animal art.

Red Fox Kit

I’m a Red Fox

Aug 7

Why Do I Paint?

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 in Animal Art, Nature Art, Wildlife Art, Wildlife Art Prints

Copy of JMV WorkPhoto-Promo

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep appreciation of nature, including all of the flora and fauna. When I was a little girl, with the encouragement of my grandmother, and began drawing many of the wonderful plants and animals that I admired.

As my technique improved, others began to complement me on my drawings -which spurred me on to continue.

Realizing that by artistic creations became valued by others improved my self confidence and launched me into a brand new career in nature art which I’ve pursued for over 30 years.

My mission is to encourage others to appreciate nature by creating images that realistically demonstrate nature in all its glory. And by doing so, I’d like to encourage people to defend nature and support causes that help preserve our precious natural environment.

I sincerely hope that my paintings will allow people to bring these wondrous scenes and special creatures into their homes and enable them to enjoy and appreciate them every day.

That’s why I paint.

Aug 1

We Support the Wild Animal Sanctuary; and Hope You Will, Too

Posted on Thursday, August 1, 2013 in African Animal Art, Animal Art, Nature Art, Wildlife Art, Wildlife Art Prints






mbed   Here’s a great place to get photos for my animal art projects.

Aug 1

Be Careful What You Wish for….

Wild Turkeys

Our Big Turkey

Living in the woods in northern Idaho; we always enjoyed wildlife, especially me with a career in wildlife art. We learned that wild turkeys were prevalent in the area, but we rarely saw one. Then one fine morning it happened.

Starting with a meek little tap-tap-tapping on our bedroom glass door; we awoke to see a handsome young male turkey standing on our deck. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

Finally we had attracted a real wild turkey. Immediately we began spreading corn around our yard in an effort to attract more of these amazing creatures; after a few more came; we thought “why don’t we raise some of our very own?”

The next step: Research. Finding a source for the chicks was fairly easy; they would ship them to us when they became available. However, when I called the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, they were NOT encouraging, and came close to forbidding me to raise turkeys, even though the species I intended to raise was native to the area.

Raising turkeys was almost identical to raising chickens; we’d seen it done many times. All you really needed was a light bulb to keep them warm, some feed and a watering dish; very easy; a slam dunk.

Just before we ordered the chicks, our lives changed in two ways. More turkeys began to enjoy our hospitality; I guess he told his buddies; the group began to grow to maybe 6 or 8 birds. But the Kill-the-Turkey-Raising-Project decision was made by our other plans; namely, we decided to sell our home.

Somehow we didn’t think that any prospective buyer would be attracted by the smell and mess of 24 young turkeys in our garage. So we, somewhat sadly, squashed the Turkey Project.

But the native birds didn’t get the word! They kept coming and coming and coming, until we had a big flock of birds (almost 30) attempting to interact with us from dawn to dusk.

It became a real chore. We awoke to a deck full of turkeys Banging on our bedroom glass door almost every AM. If we fed them, more would arrive. If we didn’t they seemed to bother us even more.

But what would have happened if we had decided to raise them? We would have been imprinted on them as a parent figure; they would not have left us alone for one minute! Sooooooooooooo glad we made the right decision.

How did we solve the problem? Idaho Fish and Game to the rescue. We called them, explained the problem; they came, set up a trap, baited it with some corn, and rounded up our entire flock of Turkeys and relocated them.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for, it may come true (in spades)!

May 3

The Captive Wildlife Crisis Needs Our Help

Jacquie Vaux is proud to announce that she will be the featured artist at a benefit to be held to support the Wild Animal Sanctuary in nearby Keensburg, Colorado. This event will be held at The Art and Frame Company, 119 West Oak St., in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado on Friday, May 3, 2013 from 6 until 9 PM.

[Fort Collins ], [CO], [May 2, 2013 ] – What do you do when that cuddly little tiger or lion cub grows up and outweighs you by 2 or 3 or more times? Or what do you do when that adorable bear cub develops claws that could tear through any wall? Many owners of captive wildlife are unable to deal with the consequences of adopting these animals as pets. As a result, the overwhelming majority of these magnificent creatures are left to live in terrible conditions.

When she realize this, Pat Craig started working on a solution. She created the Wild Animal Sanctuary by first adopting large carnivores on her family farm outside of Boulder Colorado, but soon outgrew that facility and moved to a large ranch outside of Lyons, Colorado where they remained for 8 years until a quarry was established nearby. They then moved to their current location outside Keensburg, CO, where they have 720 acres. This has enabled them to set up large individual habitats ranging from 10 to 25 acres specifically designed for each species that they accommodate.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful organization dedicated to adopting and caring for large wild carnivores that have been neglected abandoned and often mistreated. They are the only animal rescue group that provides large natural habitats for their animals. This is no easy task since they currently house over 290 large carnivores including lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, and bears.

Although they frequently are called by local state and even federal authorities to rescue these animals, they receive no monetary support from any governmental agency. They operate solely through donations which they are able to generate. Fortunately, they have been able to find generous donors who have supplied them with their time, talents, expertise and materials to build and maintain their most beneficial program.

Pat frequently states “At The Wild Animal Sanctuary the animals always come first!” Their mission is threefold: 1 – to rescue large carnivores and prevent their further mistreatment; 2 – to care for these animals and provide them with the best possible habitat, enabling them to enjoy the rest of their lives; 3 – to educate the public regarding the Captive Wild Animal Crisis.

Pat stresses, “Educating the public to prevent further escalation of this problem is essential to creating a long term solution.” The sanctuary also contains an educational facility, and a speakers bureau has been created to extend this information out into the community. “Did you realize that there are over 4000 privately owned tigers in the state of Texas alone? And did you know these are more than currently exist in the wild?”

Jacquie Vaux states “I feel very strongly about supporting this most deserving organization, I’m asking everyone I know to support them in their most worthy cause.” As a result she is donating her time effort and animal art to this fund raising benefit. This event will be hosted by The Fine Art and Frame Company, 119 West Oak St., Downtown, Fort Collins, Colorado, on May 3, 2013 from 6 PM to 9 PM.

You can see more of Jacquie’s artwork or learn more by reading this blog.

Apr 19

Nature Art|Animal Art|Wildlife Art- Wild Animal Sanctuary

Hello Friends;

Here’s my own Personal Invitation to You to attend the upcoming Benefit I’m doing for a wonderful Animal Organization here in Northern Colorado. The Wild Animal Sanctuary adopts and cares for many abused and abandoned animals from all over the US. It is truly a dedicated group that provides a unique service to provide a home for these unfortunate creatures.

I am proud to contribute wildlife art to assist them in their efforts in behalf of these fine animals.

The Art Show/ Benefit will be held at The Fine Art and Frame Co.
in Downtown Ft Collins, CO on May 3rd,2014; 6 to 9 PM.

I’ll hope to see you there.