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Feb 14

Kitten on the Keys- Animal Art

Posted on Sunday, February 14, 2016 in Animal Art, Pet Portraits

Cat Kitten

Kitten on the keys Animal Art

I like kittens and cats, and have owned several during my life- but none at the present time. Most cats are independent critters, usually doing their thing; rarely making an effort to please anyone but themselves. Sure, once ion a while they will snuggle up top you- but it’s usually so you can pet them and give them the strokes they need.

Why do cats purr? No one knows for certain, but there are several good ideas.: We all know they purr when they are happy and feeling good; but they may also purr when they are afraid, hungry, or injured. Scientists have measured their sound and found it to be 26 Hertz; a frequency that has been shown to promote bone and tissue regeneration. They can actually be healing themselves. The bottom line is : Cats purr for many reasons- if you know your cat; you will most likely be able to figure it out.

When a neighbors cat visited us a few months ago , he suddenly jumped up on the piano and began walking down the keyboard. Suddenly, he stopped, sat down on the keyboard and looked up to us as if to say “Whaddia gonna do about it?” I grabbed my camera and took this shot which inspired this painting, which I have titled “Kitten on the Keys”.

When does your cat like to purr?
All comments welcome.

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Jan 31

Kitten on the Keys – Animal Art

Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2016 in Animal Art, Pet Portraits

Best Kitten Keys-Ed2

Domestic cats have been in my life for many years, but not at the present time. Following the departure of my last pet, Cassie, I have decided not to replace her with another pet.
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Thinking back over the years, my cats all gave me some delightful moments, but there was always a downside. Nicky, my Devon Rex, without warning , liked to like to jump
up on my drawing board while I was painting. You can imagine what kind of reaction I had. Fortunately he rarely did much damage because watercolors dry quickly.

Living in the country at the time, we rarely had any mice when our cats were on duty.
We didn’t realize their importance until they had all passed away and the mice ran rampant. But keeping a litter box around does have its downside.

In the past I had painted one of my cats on the keys of our piano, and there was a very positive response to the painting. So when a neighbors cat visited us and plunked herself on our piano, I ran to grab my camera and took a few quick shots, which inspired this painting, which I have titled “Kitten on the Keys”
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